Preserving cannabis genetics through seed collection.

Here at, we have a simple job, and that is to preserve the genetics of as many different strains of cannabis as possible so that they are available for future generations. The cultivation, consumption and possession of cannabis is currently illegal in the UK but that may not always be the case and luckily the possession and sale of female cannabis seeds is 100% legal. The reason cannabis seeds are not illegal is that the do not contain an THC.

Why preserve cannabis seeds?

The prohibition of this incredible weed has only been an issue for 90 years or so and most people hope that at some point in the not too distant future the politicians and media barons in this country will come to their senses and allow the population to make up their minds if they want to grow or consume this wonderful plant. Changes in legal circumstances regarding marijuana are happening on an an almost daily basis around the world so one can hope that eventually it will happen in the backwards part of the world.

For the time being the best thing we can do is preserve and collect as wide a range of marijuana genetics as we can until the day arrives that we are able to use the seeds for the purpose which nature intended of them. Right now, it would be totally illegal to sprout any seeds sold on this site in the UK so please do not do even think about this as you would be breaking the law.

Storage of cannabis seeds

All of our female seeds arrive in sealed packages and we recommend that for the safest storage you should have your cannabis seeds in their original packaging and keep them in a fridge. If stored in this proper manner there is no reason that marijuana seeds can remain viable for many years.

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