Outdoor cannabis seeds

Easy Sativa Fem

Growing cannabis outdoors

Thanks to technological advancements, cannabis breeders are now able to produce resilient
and easy to grow cannabis strains suitable for colder climates at affordable prices.
The Netherlands, Austria and Spain have relaxed laws on cannabis cultivation , so setting
up a small patch in your garden has never been easier! Using our specially selected
outdoor strains , you can ensure great yields, beautiful flowers and unique flavour profiles,
all from the safety of your garden patch!

Autoflowering strains have become increasingly popular in recent years. In the early days,
they just didn’t produce the yield or quality that serious growers were looking for. But now, in
the genetics playground that is a breeders grow room, they have come up with high yielders
that produce exceptional quality flowers.
These automatically flowers varieties are perfect for novice growers. They are mould
resistant and able to handle colder climates. Simply s0w the seeds and let them grow. Within
9-11 weeks you will have a plant that’s ready to harvest. Pretty much any autoflower strain is perfectly suited to outdoor growing

auto purple gorilla
Shortstuff seeds auto Purple Gorilla

Our Purple Gorilla Auto seeds by Short Stuff Seeds is perfect for a discreet outdoor grow
because of its shorter stature. But don’t let its height put you off, this strain produces thick
dense buds that have effects described by the breeder as a “Very strong head high”.
The parents of this strain are Auto Gorilla OG and Auto Purple Amnesia, giving the flower
density and potency of the OG strains with the soaring head high of Amnesia Haze.
What a beautiful combination!
These grow very well in most climates thanks to being crossed with Automatic Ruderalis,
giving it the strength and resilience needed to get through challenging outdoor grow

Easy Sativa Fem
Female seeds Easy Sativa

Another great outdoor cannabis strain we have is Easy Sativa. This is
proven to produce amazing yields that can be gained in most colder climates such as
Holland. It grows especially well in a greenhouse. Thanks to its early flowering properties,
this strain usually finishes around the end of September, giving you time to harvest before
the damp mould season approaches.
It’s clear headed sativa head high is perfect for daytime consumption surrounded by the
tulip fields of Holland, and its perfectly balanced terpene profile combines sweetness and
spiciness giving you a delicious taste when consumed.

Hollands Hope Fem
Hollands Hope Fem

An exceptional example of a photoperiod outdoor strain (it doesn’t flower automatically) is
Holland’s Hope by Dutch Passion. This is a bit of a classic in the cannabis community, as it
was one of the first cannabis strains to be fully acclimated to be grown outdoors in Holland
dating back to the early 80s!
It’s very hardy, mould resistant and can grow up to 2 meters in height.
It has been reliable for almost 40 years and is still a popular purchase for many growers due
to its big yields and resin covered buds.
These examples are only a small slice of the huge cake that is the Female Seeds inventory.
Our autoflower strains and outdoor cannabis seeds selection is constantly evolving, so
keep an eye on our stock,

More outdoor cannabis strains

Best autoflowering strains for outdoors

Shortstuff Auto Purple Gorilla
Shortstuff Auto Super Cali Haze
Blackskull Auto Gelato
Female seeds Auto Blueberry
Fast buds Auto LSD
Barneys Farm Auto Pineapple express

Best Photo-period cannabis strains for outdoors

As well as all of our autoflowering strains being good for outdoor growing in legal environments here is a list of some other strains we would recommend

Advanced seeds Early Widow
Blackskull seeds Pepperjack Haze
Blackskull PineappleGum
Female seeds Purple Maroc
Dutch passion Durban Posion
Dutch Passion Purple #1
sweet seeds green poison fast version

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