New strains from Blackskull seeds

zkittlz female seeds

8 new strains with cutting edge USA genetics at very low prices!

Blackskull always offer great value feminized seeds and with this new selection of USA based cannabis genetics they have really outdone themselves. Strains like Zkittlez, Stardawg and Gorilla Glue have been all the rage for the last couple of years but have generally been very expensive. Now we have those same genetics at much lower prices without a compromise on quality

Blackskull Bruce Banner feminized seeds

Named after The Incredible Hulk’s alter ego this strain really packs a punch with THC levels hitting 29% in some tests. Bruce Banner was first created through an OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel cross and the result is one of the most potent cannabis strains the world has ever seen

Blackskull Fruity Pebbles Female seeds

Fruity Pebbles is one of the most popular cannabis strains on the market right now. By making a cross of Green Ribbon and Granddaddy Purple, Alien Genetics first produced this sensational, tropical tasting cannabis strain that will no fail to impress. Fruity Pebbles is renowned for its uplifting high and fruity flavours and is a great addition to any cannabis collection.

fruity pebbles female seeds

Blackskull Zkittlez feminized seeds

Named after Skittles the sweets because of the super tangy, fruity aroma and colourful buds Zkittlez has been one of the bis strains of 2018 both sides of the Atlantic. Zkittlez strain was made but crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit and has produced one of the most flavoursome fruity strains we have ever seen.

zkittlz female seeds

Blackskull seeds Gelato feminized

Blackskull Gelato feminized seeds strain is the crème de la crème of new ground breaking cannabis strains to come out of the USA. Gelato is an Indica dominate hybrid created by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. This combination of fruity perfection, delights the senses ,charges the body and creates an amazing cerebral effect and well balanced euphoric high.

gelato female seeds

The other 4 strains we have added this week are equally exciting and are listed below

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