why is cannabis illegal?


Cannabis is illegal in most countries due to a combination of factors, including historical, cultural, and political reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why cannabis is illegal in most countries: Misinformation: Cannabis was demonized and associated with negative stereotypes, such as being a “gateway drug,” causing addiction, and leading to criminal behavior. These […]

A history of Barneys Farm seedbank

Barney’s Farm is a cannabis seed bank that was founded in the 1980s in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The founder, Derry, had a passion for collecting and cultivating cannabis genetics from around the world, and he eventually turned his hobby into a successful business. Barney’s Farm quickly became known for its high-quality cannabis strains and won numerous […]

New strains from Blackskull seeds

zkittlz female seeds

8 new strains with cutting edge USA genetics at very low prices! Blackskull always offer great value feminized seeds and with this new selection of USA based cannabis genetics they have really outdone themselves. Strains like Zkittlez, Stardawg and Gorilla Glue have been all the rage for the last couple of years but have generally […]

Buy heavyweight female seeds online

heavyweight seeds large

Buy heavyweight female seeds online – Female Seeds UK If you want to buy heavyweight female seeds online then you have come to the right place! The latest to our seed store is the Heavyweight seedbank from Spain who produce a brilliant range of photoperiod and autoflowering female cannabis seeds. Heavyweight seeds started out in […]

Pay for female seeds with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin

pay for female seeds with bitcoin

You are now able to pay for female seeds with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin at female-seeds.co.uk and get a brilliant 20% discount! We are super excited to announce that we are now able to accept a broad range of cryptocurrencies through our shopping cart when you purchase female seeds. Bitcoin (BTC) is the oldest and […]

Preserving cannabis genetics through seed collection.

Here at female-seeds.co.uk, we have a simple job, and that is to preserve the genetics of as many different strains of cannabis as possible so that they are available for future generations. The cultivation, consumption and possession of cannabis is currently illegal in the UK but that may not always be the case and luckily […]

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